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  • Machine Learning Consulting

    I help clients define, design, and build systems for intelligent data processing.

  • Tech Stack Recommendations

    Select, evaluate and integrate the right AI technology, based on your particular needs.

  • Optimizations

    Squeeze optimal performance and quality from data processing pipelines.

Machine Learning and Text Analysis

Have a data input problem you need automated? News automatically categorized, reports grouped by themes, posts tagged?

Ad Targeting and Product Recommendation

Need to present users with items they might like—and buy? Automatically match ads to users' preferences to increase CTR?

Big Data and Analytics

Wish to design or implement a pipeline for intelligent analysis of large amounts of data? Extract valuable knowledge from a stream of noisy data events?

Technology Reviews

Want a second opinion on your architecture? Have its weak points identified, risks highlighted, costs estimated? Help choosing the right technology stack?

To better serve your projects, I expanded my freelancing into a full-package consulting company, RaRe Technologies Ltd.

We work as a team of dedicated data science engineers; I no longer offer solo freelancing services.

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