Doc2vec tutorial

The latest gensim release of 0.10.3 has a new class named Doc2Vec. All credit for this class, which is an implementation of Quoc Le & Tomáš Mikolov: “Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents”, as well as for this tutorial, goes to the illustrious Tim Emerick.

Doc2vec (aka paragraph2vec, aka sentence embeddings) modifies the word2vec algorithm to unsupervised learning of continuous representations for larger blocks of text, such as sentences, paragraphs or entire documents.

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Gran Canaria in winter

Now that I have a blog, I figured I could start posting more info about our travels. So here’s a little digest from one of our recent trips. I’m hoping it will be useful to other tourists looking to visit Gran Canaria, especially in the same season we went (February).

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