Radim Rehurek

RNDr. Radim Řehůřek, Ph.D.

  • full stack SW engineer
  • consulting in data mining, text analytics, NLP, big data and search
  • over 10 years of industry experience, from large multinationals to startups
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (scalability of statistical machine learning)
  • diverse ecosystem toolset: Hadoop&co, Spark, Python&co, Debian&co, Node&co…
  • diverse language toolset: Python, JS, C++, Java, Bash, C#, Prolog…
  • networking, modern web technologies
  • experience in various industries: search engines, online advertising, content targeting, game dev, digital libraries…
  • training and mentoring in machine learning, data processing
  • likes and writes open source software

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Larger projects require team effort and continued maintenance. Our team can combine forces with your internal developers for seamless integration and deployment, no matter the project size.