Other Resources

Blog posts, tutorial videos, hackathons and other useful Gensim resources, from around the internet.

  • Use FastText or Word2Vec? Comparison of embedding quality and performance. Jupyter Notebook

  • Multiword phrases extracted from How I Met Your Mother. Blog post by Mark Needham

  • Using Gensim LDA for hierarchical document clustering. Jupyter notebook by Brandon Rose

  • Evolution of Voldemort topic through the 7 Harry Potter books. Blog post

  • Movie plots by genre: Document classification using various techniques: TF-IDF, word2vec averaging, Deep IR, Word Movers Distance and doc2vec. Github repo

  • Word2vec: Faster than Google? Optimization lessons in Python, talk by Radim Řehůřek at PyData Berlin 2014. Youtube video

  • Word2vec & friends, talk by Radim Řehůřek at MLMU.cz 7.1.2015. Youtube video