People behind Gensim

Top Contributors

See the full list of contributors on Github. I’m thankful to all of them.

Let me also highlight the “core pillars” of Gensim here:

  • Radim Řehůřek, piskvorky: Creator of Gensim AKA me, living in Prague. I prefer not to count the late-night hours volunteered on Gensim development & support since 2009.

  • Gordon Mohr, gojomo: Core Gensim contributor from SF USA, key developer of its doc2vec implementation. ‘Oracle Open Source Developer of the Year’ in 2006, creator of the Heritrix web crawler and the ‘magnet link’.

  • Misha Penkov, mpenkov: Core maintainer and release manager of Gensim, Smart_open, SQLitedict, and other open source packages. Lives and works in Sapporo, Japan.

  • Ivan Menshikh, menshikh-iv: Ex-maintainer and mentor in the RARE student incubator, from Yekaterinburg Russia.

Misha (left) and Radim (right) got together in Prague for some open source and badminton :)

RARE photo: Misha (left) and Radim (right) got together in Prague, for some open source hacking & badminton :)

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